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Mile High

A notorious NHL playboy learns a thing or two about love when he meets the newest flight attendant on his team’s private plane.


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The Right Move

An NBA superstar is forced to open his home and his heart when his sister’s best friend is left stranded with no place to live.


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Caught Up

A single dad and MLB pitcher has to learn to loosen up and have some fun when his coach's daughter becomes the new nanny.


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Play Along

An MLB shortstop has to prove he’s husband material after waking up in Vegas married to the woman he’s always had feelings for– the team’s athletic trainer. 



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Thanks for stopping by! As a lifelong sports fan and reader of all things romance, I love mixing the two to deliver swoon-worthy men who look good in a uniform. So, if you like your books with undeniable chemistry, quick banter, and a healthy dash of spice, you’ve come to the right place! 

If you’re wondering a bit more about me— I’m an iced tea addict. I believe that regardless of the temperature outside, the soup of the day should always be ordered. And I only write men who fall hard for their women.

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rachel, mile high

“I’m not sure what I was expecting with this book but it definitely wasn’t this. The representation that Liz Tomforde wrote is incredible. The FMC is a plus sized woman who gets the hot hockey god and the hot hockey god is all about mental health. (Yes, please!)"

Hockey God + Mental Health Rep

megan, the right move

While Mile High and The Right Move are so different, Liz found a way to balance all the found family we loved from that book and add a more emotional storyline that will give you all the feels.

After dealing with the issues that come with being one of the top basketball players in the country, Ryan is guarded and fine living in a small bubble. Indy craves company and to be wanted, but is reeling from a devastating breakup. When they temporarily become roommates thanks to Ryan’s sister’s suggestion, they need to use that shaky start to a friendship and make it work because they’re fake dating now. Ryan can’t afford to let his lack of a personal life mess with a stellar career and Indy needs a date to her best friends wedding.

What these two create is beyond anything they could’ve imagined. All of their broken pieces fit with each other. The little touches that they see each other and care for each other proves they finally found someone that settles their soul."

a beautiful, heartwarming, tear-jerking masterpiece

ann-mari, mile high

"This book was deep. The character development was on point. The love between Stevie and Zanders was beautiful. Y'all this book is amazing. Zee Daddy Zanders will be your next book boyfriend.

Emotional & Swoony

reviewer, the right move

"Very rarely do I love a sequel more than the original but this follow up to Mile High is even more amazing! Indy and Ryan’s character development is phenomenal and they are both so dynamic and interesting. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even have to pick your jaw off the floor, and wipe the drool from your chin. Highly recommend!"

Amazing romance by liz tomforde

ashley, mile high

"Zander’s and Stevie have some explosive chemistry and an adorable catch phrase and real issues they work through both together and on their own. It was beautiful to see them support each other as they grow. Rosie and Rio and the whole Maddison family are absolutely adorable. This book has made Liz Tomforde an author I plan to closely follow."

Absolutely Perfect. Definitely worth rereading

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